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Ah.  The life of the unemployed.  Since I have an overflow of time on my hands, I have so many options of things I want to do with my day, like find the saddest Etsy dog, re-watch the entire series of Friends for the 43rd time, or try and learn the lyrics to Super Bass. In order to balance out the couch potato lifestyle that I so dearly love with the wonderful joy that is job hunting (grumble), I’m trying to be more active.  I’m running more and I now fall under the category of people who do yoga (hot yoga, that is).  I’ve also had more time to cook out of this  cookbook that was gifted to me by this  wonderful friend.  The cookbook is great and has so many recipes that I want to try! It also comes with pictures of staple ingredients in Asian cooking, which is super helpful since more often than not the labels are not in English, so I have no idea what things are.  I really do love being in the kitchen and mixing and matching different flavors in order to create of good home cooking.  On my next visit home, I plan on interrogating my mom for all of my favorite recipes of hers so that I can practice them in my own kitchen.  If I’m ambitious enough, I might just try and post some on here.

Until then, I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite Sad Etsy Dogs.


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divine encounters of the God-kind

I’ve never seen this film, so if it is a horrible film, please don’t judge the worthiness of this post based on this reference alone.  I have been feeling uninspired lately, and it has been hard to motivate myself to be productive. This post is not meant to delve into the details of the why and the how, but to respond to a series of not so close, but divine encounters that have prompted the following story.  Again, I won’t share the details of the trail of encounters that led me to telling this story, but I will share that apart from the story itself, the sheer act of writing this is a personal reminder of God’s faithfulness and that he has not abandoned his people.

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heretical annotations.

Now that I’m done with school, my days have quickly transformed and I now have time to do more things I love, such as cook and read.  I picked up a book that I’ve been meaning to read for a while now, written by a prominent theologian (I don’t know if thats how he identifies himself, but that’s how I see him) named Peter Rollins.  I went to the library last weekend and picked up The Orthodox Heretic (And Other Impossible Tales).  Its basically a book of parables with a short commentary at the end of each one.

I opened up to a random one titled “G-O-D-I-S-N-O-W-H-E-R-E” and came upon some annotations made by a previous reader.  Although I cannot say with full confidence, I believe this person may have been a little disgruntled with the ideas and provoking thoughts that this particular parable evoked.  One underlined sentence from Peter’s commentary reads “Just as the light in the room cannot be seen but rather allows us to see…”  The reader left an asterisk which leads to a footnote on the bottom of the page, where he/she obviously had an issue with the scientific incorrectness of the statement.  The footnote reads, “Incorrect.  The retinal reaction to photons is sight.  We do not see any object, we “see” the reflected photons.  I’m getting sick of this guy and his ‘religion.‘”  I like that the reader uses their scientific prowess as the means of their argument.  The disgruntled annotator really gets the last word in, though, as his/her words are italicized in the quote:”Once we understand this, we can stop arguing about God and, like the philosopher in the above story, dedicate our lives to being the manifestation of God. (Yea, just like you are I suppose).”

Sadly, the rest of the pages are unmarred.  Disgruntled annotator must not have thought it worth their time to continue the escapade, and that is just too bad, because I don’t know if I will enjoy the other parables as much as I have enjoyed this one.

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its done, son.

It’s been a long journey, but I have, in hand, the certificate that says I can haz a classroom.  I ended my internship with a series of surprise parties thrown for me in each class. Only the first one was a legitimate surprise, but I was impressed at the tactics used by the students.  After cleverly being brought to the library to help a student look for a book, I was bombarded by another group of girls in the class who said my mentor teacher was hyperventilating and that I must rush back and help.  Granted, all of this happened on April Fool’s Day so I was slightly dubious — if it was a joke, it was quite lame; but if real, not so funny. Just in case, I decided to take them seriously and rushed back to the class and opened the door to a loud ‘surprise!’  and a bombardment of hand-written cards from students.

Some of my favorite notes:

“Thank you for still being there without being paid, because I don’t know about you, but I know if I had to do all that you do with no pay I would be out faster than lightning.”

“I will miss you because even though you was not a real teacher your going to be now hopefully.” (Yes, lets hope so).

“I like it when you teach us because I learn a lot.” (This kid knows how to make a teacher feel good about themselves).

“I like the way you teach even though I interrupt.” (Thanks…I think?)

“I’ll miss you hope you come back and visit us and also I hope you had a good time teaching us.”  (I definitely did).


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i love living in the pacific northwest. part of the allure comes from the bountiful vegetation that gives so much vibrancy to the city.

autumn is the most beautiful season of them all, with the foliage in transition. i’ve never been one to welcome transition in my own life, but the changing of seasons is a friendly reminder of the necessity of change. part of me wishes the trees could pause and hold their vermillion and golden hues, but alas the cycle will continue, and in another year i will again have a visual reminder of the beauty that exists in growth.

on top of falling leaves, there are all things pumpkin. pies. carvings. lattes. muffins. cookies. whoopie pies.

the change to cool weather also brings the influx of warming comfort foooood, my favorites being congee and ramen.

the only part that i would gladly vote to have removed is halloween. i don’t see the appeal of fake blood and over done costumes.  i propose halloween be replaced with a pre-thanksgiving type celebration…sort like like a preview of thanksgiving. eating > a holiday celebrating death.

this is my halloween costume.

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This past weekend I was able to cross another number off of my mental bucket list.  After traveling down a google-led rabbit trail, I found out Sherman Alexie was going to be speaking in the Seattle area.  With my beloved copy of one of his novels in hand, I made the trek to St. Joseph Parish with eager eyes and ears. Continue reading

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I live my life with metaphorical chained wrists, a bound heart.
You turn and look at me, and I look back as if nothing is wrong.
But it is.
Pain, not just the crimson-stained sort.
Lament. Gaping abyss of what used to be.
Its a conundrum. You tell me to embrace, and to let go.

What does it look like to live a life free of inhibition, free of fear?
Crowds cheering. Kisses of acceptance. Agape abounding.
I live with hope. To one day see restoration. To see perfection. To see what was and is to come.
And I am left speechless. Waiting with wonder.
My imaginings, mere peas in the immortal soup of my marred conception of beauty.
Yeshua is good medicine. You are restoring me. i am healed.
This is no placebo effect.
This is the resurrection.

What does it take to believe?
I have seen it with my blinded eyes. I have tasted it on my lips. I have heard it in the silence. And I believe.
Like turbo-charged vehicles to larger than life aliens, you transform my very being.
Every day.
I am sustained. I believe. Help my unbelief.

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